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How a Donut Shop Changed My Mind

By: jwilder, 3/21/2022

There are always going to be distractions in life. In good times there are fun distractions. In bad times there are disturbing distractions.

One of the ways to keep moving forward is to have a clear purpose and a dream to build. But, even with this, I tend to have times where my focus and motivation decrease. This week a thought popped into my head...

There is a donut shop in my neighborhood. They are open daily from 5AM to Noon. The thought was, if a donut shop can open at 5AM every day and keep serving donuts no matter what goes on in the world, then shouldn't I keep serving? The key word is serving. The donut shop is serving people. People expect them to be there. They expect a donut when they drive there during store hours.

In the same way, what we do and how we serve is important. Even if things are going on in life and in the world we should still create and serve. It doesn't mean that we don't care. It means we do care. We care about those we serve. It's how we make a difference. Creating gives us something productive to do (serve) and therefore maintains our mental health.

The donut shop served as a great reminder that life continues. And if the donut folks can get up at 4 AM and make donuts every day, I should do the same thing. If the donut folks don't show up, then maybe it's time to worry.

To your success!

Time to Make the Donuts

James Wilder

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