"Discouragement is a persistent visitor. Reject it immediately because it has plenty of opportunities with others. -James Wilder"

What is a Dream

A dream is not a fantasy. A fantasy will never be real. A dream is not a goal. A goal is for the mind. A dream is...

No Time To Dream

Another objection is devoting an hour or two a week to living your dream is meaningless. How can you accomplish anything in an hour or two a week?

There Are Many Objections to Living Your Dreams

There are many objections to living your dreams. But there is a key to remove every objection.

Never Wait to Live Your Dreams

Never wait to live your dreams. Never say one day, or someday.

Live Your Dreams Today

As children, we were encouraged to use our imagination and dream big dreams. But year by year the call to dream began to fade...

Jeff Bezos on Calling

Jeff Bezos makes a powerful argument for living your calling.

The Masters of Success

Who are the masters of success? Who are the ones that have relentlessly pushed forward, no matter what, and made a huge impact on the world?

How To Promote Yourself

A detailed summary and additional thoughts on the famous booklet by Wallace D. Wattles.

Follow Your Dreams Waco

A roundup of the most valuable resources that help dreamers take action and live their dream.

Follow Your Dreams is a Much Better Deal

Find a dream you're willing to spend time on, get obsessed with the idea of making your dreams come true, and it will change your life.

How to be Successful

Paul J. Meyer's five point "Personal Success Plan," that if taken to heart, and followed, could surely be worth a million dollars.

The Legacy of Paul J. Meyer - Waco Success

Paul J. Meyer was a renowned motivational success speaker and self-help author who made a significant impact on the personal development industry.

The Value We Create is the People We Choose to Serve

The value we create is really the people we choose to serve. Any other value is secondary.

What Do You Want?

This might be a harder question than you might expect.

How a Donut Shop Changed My Mind

Why making donuts helps keep the world sane.

It's OK to Chase Success

Some people say "Don't chase success." I say that's misguided advice. Seeking success is no different than seeking wisdom. And wisdom is the mother of success.

Keep Your Balance

It's hard to even stand, much less, walk, of you feel a lack of control.

Define Success For Yourself

A good success definition can give us a clear direction and provide us a solid foundation.

Success Recognizes Success

It is nearly impossible to hide our attitudes. They are revealed by what we say, and what we do.

Talent AND Hard Work is the Core of Success

If we have a drive to grow and fulfill our potential, then discovering and leveraging our talents is a good place to start.

The Advantages of eBooks

eBooks are living books.

Whatever You Do, Become a Master

Why not go all-in on the talents we have? Why stop at hobby level? Why not do something crazy with the one life we have and become a master?

The Seed of a Business

What's missing? Creator Economy business frameworks.

The Scarcity of You

You are unique and therefore scarce. Let that work for you!

Eliminate Unnecessary Decisions for Stress Free Creativity

Too many decision points can cause loss of productivity and unnecessary stress.

Success is Ancient

While others chase the latest ideas and personalities, the ancient way of success continues. The principles of success endure forever.

The Habit of Creating

A creator creates, and never waits, for ideas will appear while the creator creates.

Understanding - A Component of Wisdom

The deeper we understand the things that matter, the more valuable we become.

Success is Not New

Since the beginning of time each generation must learn the same lessons. No one is born with wisdom.

How Much of Success is Due to Natural Abilities?

There is more to success than talent. There is no one key to success. Success is a combination of elements used in concert.

Leverage the Pareto Principle for Abundant Success

Most people rely on their skill and improvise on the rest. Those who leverage success principles have a greater possibility of operating in the "abundant success" zone.

Leverage Yourself by Using Specific Knowledge

"No one can compete with you on being you." —Naval Ravikant

What Made Steve Jobs So Successful?

These three things can make you successful too.

Books Are a Catalyst For Growth

How to make growth happen faster.

All Actions are Emotional

When I learned this it blew my mind!

How to Focus and Open a Stream of Success

if we focus our action we can achieve a powerful result (get more gold).

Abundance of Lifestyle Inspiration

It takes a whole culture thinking about possibilities to make a success renaissance happen.

Mountains of Gold

There are acres of diamonds and mountains of gold available for all who seek them.

Dreams Are the Engines of Possibilities

A dream is like the engine of a rocket. When ignited, it lifts us above the gravity of the things that hold us down.

The Mind of Success Increases in Value

Success is becoming a person of value, which is right inline with Einstein's philosophy of life.

The Mind of Success Seeks Wisdom

Being filled with knowledge has no value unless it is used wisely.

The Mind of Success is Focused

There comes a time when we have to take an honest look at what we're trying to accomplish.

The Mind of Success Builds the Future

What do you want to build?

The Mind of Success Imagines Possibilities

It's not too late to reclaim our imagination. In fact, it's imperative. Without the ability to imagine it would be almost impossible to thrive.

The Mind of Success Adds Value

How many businesses do you know that sincerely care about you?

The Mind of Success Seeks Value

Looking for value is a skill that is developed.

How To Be a Creator When You Don't Know What to Create

When I realized I needed to choose something to create, I had to dig deep into my heart to discover the things that are most important to me.

Curator to Creator

I was promoting the work and creativity of others, and neglecting my own creativity.

Principles of Abundance - Ask Seek Knock

Abundance is increased when we utilize all opportunities that are available to us.

Principles of Sowing and Abundance

Why would someone sow sparingly?

Abundance Creates Opportunities

The more people that serve, the more opportunities are created for others to serve.

Why It is Better to Serve Than to be Served

To serve others means you have abundance.

Abundance is Not One Way

Abundance works when we create abundantly.

Two Ideas that Work Together for an Abundant Life

Live for today and live for tomorrow.

Find a Reason to Come Alive

Find a Reason that never goes away to come alive every day. Find a purpose to die for, and live. Choose a dream to believe in. Turn belief into conviction and move freaking mountains.

Live an Inspired Life

Don't wait for inspiration. We wait too long for a few good things, when we have thousands of ways to be inspired daily.

Does it Add Value

Whatever activity we do, or thing we buy, or possession we own, it might be wise to ask "Does this add value to my life?"

Goodwill is For the Rich

When people promote you without your knowledge then you have created goodwill. You cannot buy goodwill.

Finding the Seed of Great Success

People figure out how to do what they enjoy.

Success Is Generous

If you see success as a daily opportunity then you see how important this day is. Take the shot.

The Gates to Riches

All riches come through people. The more gates you open the easier it is to serve more people, open more gates, and gain more riches.

How to Win Every Day

What is your destination? What are you aiming at? A little to the left, a little to the right, and you missed the target.

Just Enough Clarity

But at some point, the quicker the better, we need to be clear on what we are trying to achieve.

A Reasonable Success

What is a reasonable success? It is success on your terms, based on your own dreams and purpose.

Success Key: Protect Your Create Time and Environment

Don't create during the time that is left in the day.

Success Vector

What you enjoy can be a vector to learn things you might not enjoy.

Look for Reasons Why You Will Succeed

If something is possible. If something is good. Then there are reasons it can be achieved and there are reasons you can achieve it. Look for reasons why you will achieve what you desire.

How to Become Wealthy and Successful

If you can help enough people to get what they want then you can get everything you want.


Desperation can be that strong nudge that says it's time to act, you've been patient long enough.

Learn Personal Success Like a Boss

If you want to learn about personal success you need to know the complete story.

Discouragement Has a Message

In every discouragement is a message and an opportunity.

When Success Makes Sense

Success makes sense when you find something that you want to accomplish and you decide to pursue it with all your heart.

Success Renaissance

There is a personal growth renaissance happening and it is changing the world.

Plan for Success and Budget for Discouragement

The secret to dealing with discouragement is clarity. Clarity is the enemy of discouragement.

Why I Don't Care About Success

Some people say they don't care about success, but what they're really saying is they have their own definition of what a successful life is.

Feed Your Dreams

Anything that is alive needs nourishment and attention. Do we say someday I will eat?

Lead Your Level

Success has many levels. Don't be discouraged because you aren't at the level you want to be. Be encouraged because you are the leader at your current level.

A Dream is an Escape

If a dream is an escape from reality, then it must have the potential to lead somewhere.

The 20 Percent that makes the Difference

True progress begins when you commit to the 20 percent that makes the difference.

Serve More

The more people you can serve the greater your success.

Success Anarchy

Just what is success and why is it so hard to achieve?

Success Principles: Do/Learn/Refine

To achieve ever-increasing success we must adopt a process of ever-increasing improvement.

The Heart Can Rule the Mind

There is something within us that doesn't need proof, it just believes.

Create Your Mindset

Create a mindset that works for you.

Default Mindset

Over time, we unconsciously acquire beliefs about ourselves and see the world in certain ways. These beliefs don't always serve us. In fact, it may hold us back.

Invest In Yourself

Invest in self improvement and you will never lose.

Beware of False Progress

What looks like beautiful crystal water on the surface is really the lake of stagnation beckoning you to stay a little longer.

The Mindset That Magnifies Your Power

We were born with certain strengths and weaknesses. We can’t change that. But we can create a mindset that will magnify our power.

The Secret to Success

Many never see it. Some turn away, disappointed. But a few hear and are changed forever.

How to Measure Success

How do you know if the effort you put in will lead to success? Is there a gauge that can measure success? Yes.

How to be Successful

5 steps to living a successful and fulfilling life.

What is Success

15 things you can do today to be successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

Exploring the Value of Connections

Why connect? Exploring the value of connections.

Why You Must Promote

Promotion is not about ego. It's about making maximum impact with the time you have.

It's About Time

Thoughts about time.

Create Killer (Good) Habits

Apply the lessons of Bad Habits to become a success!

The Mystery of Serendipity

Sometimes random events happen that bring real value to your life. The most memorable events have a strong emotional reaction.

Success Books

The list of books that help contribute to living a successful life.

The Gatekeeper

There are many gatekeepers in life. But once you see one, you see them all.