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It's About Time

By: jwilder, 9/17/2020

It's time to think about time.

Why Think About Time

In order to better understand it.

In order to better utilize it.

What Is Time

"The inevitable progression into the future with the passing of present events into the past." -Wiktionary

Time is Money

Time has the value you give it.

Businesses equate time with money. Time is typically charged to a budget account for specific activities.

Individuals ascribe a value to time that is meaningful to them. People can put a low or high value on time.

If you work for an employer, you must subordinate your value of time and abide by the employer's value of time.

Time is Not Money

How is time not like money?

  • You can't accumulate time.
  • You can't make time.
  • You can't buy time.
  • You can't borrow time.
  • Time is given to everyone.
  • You will run out of time.

You can do things that might extend your time, such as live a healthy lifestyle or spend money to get a medical procedure. These don't guarantee more time.

Time is a Limited Resource

If you believe you have plenty of time, you will not put a high value on your time.

The worst belief about time you can have is you have plenty.

"I'll do it tomorrow" is like a pain killer. You feel better when you say it, but the pain returns again the next day. Then you say it again. It’s a habit that can last for years, or until something in your life breaks.

If you don't put a high value on time, you will waste it.

People with a sense of purpose are productive because they put a high value on Time.

Life can be very demanding.

Just like it is a luxury to have an abundance of money.
It is a luxury to have "free" time.

Like money, time is a resource we should manage wisely. That is why we use the term "spend" when associated with time.

Time Can Work For You or Against You

If you diligently practice an activity on a daily basis, over time you will become highly proficient.

Time heals. Actually, we heal, over time. We are ever changing. Emotions come and go. New things are experienced. Our brain constantly rewires.

Time Cannot Be Recovered

Wasted time cannot be recovered. It can only be managed more efficiently.

If you try to borrow time that should be allocated to your relationships or health, then those things will suffer.

Even if you waste time you can recover value!

Learn the lessons of mistakes, failures, or choosing the wrong path. Apply the lessons learned (value) going forward.

Time Has No Intrinsic Value

Time only has the value you ascribe/impute to it.

Time is Best When Used Now

Time has an expiration date of now.
If you want to remember the past fondly, do good things now.
If you want to be great in the future, do great things now.
-James Wilder

The past is for reflection.
The future is for dreams.
Today you create the future and the past.
-James Wilder

Where to Spend Time

Relationships and self.

Keep the age old proverb in mind: Those who sow sparingly reap sparingly.

In Due Time

Patience is required for long-term investments and gains.

Certain things require time to complete. If you plant tomatoes, you have to work regularly until they begin to produce tomatoes.

This can apply to building a business, becoming well known, gaining insight, getting to the next level, etc.

You will Eventually Run Out of Time

You will die. Memento mori.

Live today, for tomorrow you shall surely die.


If you are driven to create:

  • Place a high value on time.
  • Evaluate the time you spend on all activities.
  • Create/produce/work every day to build skill, mastery and a body of work.
  • Towards the end of your life, enjoy the fruit of your labor.
  • Leave a legacy that will influence others.

James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.

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