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Principles of Sowing and Abundance

By: jwilder, 12/16/2021

"He who sows sparingly reaps sparingly."

This proverb fascinates me to no end. An agrarian society lives well or suffers based on the amount and quality of the harvest. But, this proverb is clearly not just about planting crops. I always try to find the most obvious and practical application.

Why would someone sow sparingly? It could be the result of a halfhearted effort. Sometimes we want results but don't put in enough effort. This principle warns us that effort does make a difference. It can also be a warning about being lazy or distracted. We could be focused on equipment, training, motivation, and any number of things, at the exclusion of creating value. Sowing the seed is the value producing activity.

The great Jim Rohn teaches about "major time" and "minor time." Sometimes we spend too much of our time on minor things, things that don't produce results (a harvest). Jim Rohn reminds his audience that major time is time with the customer. The more time we spend with those we are serving, the more we will prosper.

Another aspect that is obvious with seeds, but difficult when trying to apply the principle is the seed must be good. It must possess the power to grow. If we plant seeds that have no power to grow, then we waste our time. This really makes us think about the value of the things we work on.

There are many other insights we can draw from this common practice of sowing seeds. The most important questions would be:

Are we sowing the right seed?

Are we sowing enough seed?

If we can answer these questions then we have the key to abundance.

James Wilder

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