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Abundance Creates Opportunities

By: jwilder, 12/15/2021

Imagine many people serving each other. By serving, I mean people using their skills in a way that helps others get what they want. This would set off a growth and abundance process, a process that would have no end. It would just keep expanding.

For example, if you serve others by making custom furniture, but you are not so good at upholstery, you need the support of someone who is good at upholstery. By serving others, you created an opportunity for someone else to serve you. The more people that serve, the more opportunities are created for others to serve. This process would have no end.

On the flip side, the fewer the people that serve others, the fewer opportunities are created. If our culture continues to specialize in skills that only benefit big businesses, we lose the skills that help small businesses thrive.

The good news is, I believe we are on an expansion trajectory. More people are looking for ways to have more time, freedom, and control. More people are looking for a way to have a more satisfying career. Technology and self education is helping also.

If it is overwhelming thinking about starting a small business. The key is, we don't have to! But we can if we want to. And the way to do it is to start small. Think about your skills and the type of people you would enjoy serving. Keep educating yourself and practicing your skills. Start helping one person. Then help one more person. You will learn how you can improve. Keep serving one more person.

The more people that serve, the more opportunities are created for others to serve.

James Wilder

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