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Why It is Better to Serve Than to be Served

By: jwilder, 12/14/2021

There is hidden wisdom in simple proverbs. Most people immediately reject the idea of serving others. It is our selfish nature to want to be served.

But what does it mean to serve? To serve doesn't mean to take orders and do things you don't want to do. To serve others means you have abundance. Your needs are met. You have skills, wisdom, experience and knowledge. You have more than enough. Therefore, you have plenty to give. You are in a position to serve others by giving from your abundance. When we serve, our goal is to help others get what they need. For example, if you're good at fixing cars, you can help someone who has a broken car. You can help them with a vital need.

Why is it better to serve others? Serving others opens the doors to greater abundance. We don't seek greater abundance out of greed. We seek greater abundance in order to have greater impact. We can give more. If we have an ambition to grow more, then we simply serve more people.

Zig Ziglar knew this principle about serving. Zig famously said "If you can help enough people to get what they want then you can get everything you want." -Zig Ziglar

It is better to serve, than to be served. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Learn as much as you can. Gain something of value. Use what you have gained to serve others, and help them get what they want.

James Wilder

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