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The Mind of Success is Focused

By: jwilder, 1/10/2022

There is an optimal path to achieving what you want, but there are many distractions along the way.

I used to do what I felt like doing, when I felt like doing it. Distractions weren't a big deal to me, that is until I felt the discouragement of wandering too long. I looked back at the years I took for granted. There comes a time when we have to take an honest look at what we're trying to accomplish. Because anything worthwhile always takes more time than expected and it's always harder than we imagined.

In the beginning we may be unclear, we must try many things. But in each thing we try, we must focus. We must determine if it is the right thing or we must rule it out and try a new direction. We must decisively evaluate each option until we have a clear vision.

Whether we have found that one thing to commit to or not, we must have focus. Focus rewards us with quicker results and solved problems. In order to focus we must allocate and protect our time. We focus on one thing. We identify our task and exclude all others. We perform our task for the entire time allocated. We do this every day.

I believe there are two tasks that must be performed daily. Self education and creation of value. These two tasks are my number one priority. Once complete I am free to choose what I want to do for the rest of the day. The best of both worlds is to have focus and clarity along with randomness and discovery.

Focused work is mentally draining. As a general rule-of-thumb, three to four hours per day is the optimal time allocated to my highest value tasks. This is sustainable. At the end of the week we should feel satisfied with our accomplishments and not feel burned out.

I believe there are three key areas to apply focus and give us a big win every day.

1. Creating value is the number one thing to protect. Whether it is working with clients, making furniture, or writing. We must protect the time we allocate to creating value.

2. Self-Education. Protecting the time allocated for refining and acquiring more skills should be protected. There are many ranks between private and general. So it is with what we choose to master. We start out as a private, we keep learning, and grow in rank year by year.

3. Setting priorities. We can create anything, but what is the most important thing? We must improve our skill in evaluating what is truly a priority. Out of all the things you could do, which one moves you closer to achieving your goal?

No matter where we are in our journey, these three things are always important.

It is easy to lose focus and find yourself at the end of the day with nothing to show for it. For whatever reason it seems that the more important an activity is, the more we are tempted to do something else. Who knows why, but it is a common behavior we all discover for ourselves. Once we experience the symptoms of chronic distraction then we start to look for the cure.

James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.

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