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Follow Your Dreams is a Much Better Deal

By: jwilder, 11/22/2023

While others look for entertainment in order to feel good for a while, you can work on your dream and be fulfilled for life. That's a much better deal.

A Dream Is a Direction

A dream is something you want.

A dream is a direction.

Following your dreams will change the direction of your life.

A dream will influence the decisions you make.

The decisions you make will influence the actions you take.

The actions you take will create new outcomes.

A dream is something you want. It's not a guess. You can't pick the wrong dream.

So why resist going after something you want?

Not Possible

We don't just have one dream.

Some dreams may not be possible. It's true! But it's not a show stopper.

If your current dream isn't possible, find another dream. We aren't allotted one dream in life. We have an unlimited supply of dreams to choose from.

Not Realistic

Following your dream is not realistic.

Who says? You? Or others?

What do you say?

People follow their dreams every day.

It's not the big "unrealistic" mountain people make it out to be.

Your dream is a direction. Follow it. Simple.

How to Follow Your Dreams

Find a dream you're willing to spend time on, get obsessed with the idea of making your dreams come true, and it will change your life.

Become the FOUNDER of your dreams.
Follow your dreams with intention.

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Dreams Are the Engines of Possibilities

James Wilder

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