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Why I Don't Care About Success

By: jwilder, 11/5/2021

I see thousands of click enticing headlines. Most of them make me chuckle. Especially ones like "Goals Don't Work - Do This Instead," or "Planning Will Lead You Nowhere."

However, "Why I Don't Care About Success" is actually a pretty good headline. It sets up the reader's expectation to hear a different definition of success than what is common. That is a good thing.

The word success is merely a container for 1000 different definitions from 1000 different people. Some people say they don't care about success but what they're really saying is they have their own definition of what a successful life is. And that is the key point.

The first place to start is to define success in your own terms. Your success doesn't look like my success. When it comes to success, comparison is a trap to avoid like a debilitating disease.

The first law of success is, define success for yourself.

James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.

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