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No Time To Dream

By: jwilder, 1/12/2024

Another objection is devoting an hour or two a week to living your dream is meaningless. How can you accomplish anything in an hour or two a week?

The answer to this question is that it's critical to think about your dream, to visualize your dream, to imagine what your life would look like if you were fully living your dream. Everything that exists starts in the mind. And an hour or two a week is a very valuable practice. That's 52 to 104 hours a year. In fact, if you spend an hour or two a week thinking, planning, and visualizing your dreams, you might decide you need another hour! Then you figure out where to get another hour.

Understand that a dream is like a seed that takes root in your heart. A seed is small, and when it is planted, no one can see it. It takes time for the seed to grow. It requires the right conditions. Everyone has time to plant a seed, and water it a couple times a week. All dreams start with a seed. All dreams start small. But given time, and care, they grow. The great Jim Rohn said, "I'm working full time on my job and part time on my fortune." Most everyone starts with a part-time dream. And everyone starts small. Even if you dream big, it's going to start small.

We all need to work, many of us will get married, and raise a family. These are normal activities, but they do not cancel your dreams.

The key is to ask yourself, "Is time really an obstacle? Can I actually devote an hour, or two a week to my dream?" the answer should be, of course I can devote time to living my dream!

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