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Invest In Yourself

By: jwilder, 11/20/2020

Invest in self improvement and you will never lose.

So many things we learn today are obsolete in a few years. Car technology changes, programming languages change, computer platforms change, tax laws change, certifications expire, and so on.

The time you invest in one job skill doesn't transfer to your next job (unless you are strategic).

Wouldn't it be better if the time you invested and the skills you learned could benefit you for the rest of your life?

That is the indisputable truth behind investing in yourself.

An investment in yourself will never lose, it can't be stolen, it will never be obsolete, and it will improve your life every day, forever.

Benefits of investing in yourself:

  • Discover more deeply about who you are.
  • Determine a deeply valued purpose for your life.
  • Bring focus to your life.
  • Help you achieve your goals.
  • Break bad habits.
  • Make better choices.
  • Become healthier (and avoid doctors).
  • Increase self-discipline.
  • Understand your mind.
  • Increase your desire to serve others.

Does this resonate with you?

Does this sound better than wasting time on video games, binge watching television, seeking the next best craft beer, a side hustle that steals more of your time, a job that pays you enough to survive and make others rich?

Build a better mindset.

All the years we go to school are primarily geared to preparing for a career.

We are not encouraged to ask deep questions. Why are we were? Where did we come from? What are we supposed to do? We are ridiculed for seeking truth.

The first step for building a mindset that serves you is to understand your current (default) mindset. The second step is to create a new mindset. The third step is to acquire the skills to live your mindset.

Self improvement is not selfish.

If you have the right values and principles in place, then seeking to improve yourself is not selfish. In fact, I argue that it is a gift and a responsibility.

Imagine the benefits to society where everyone settles existential issues, devotes themselves to a lifelong endeavor of improvement, serves others, encourages others in their own journey, and works together to solve major problems and achieve great advances.

Would this be a society you would want to be a part of?

The more we can improve ourselves, the better we can serve others, the better the world becomes.

Investing in yourself is a no-risk investment.

It is easy to commit to something that has high value for a long time. That is why committing to self improvement should not even be an issue (yet it is!).

Improving yourself has a high rate of return in the short term and even higher rate of return the long term.

The knowledge and skills you learn today will never be obsolete.

The Principle

Invest in self improvement in order to better serve others and live a fulfilling life. It is an investment that will never lose.

James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.

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