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How To Be a Creator When You Don't Know What to Create

By: jwilder, 12/21/2021

What do you love/hate? This is a good exercise to get you closer to becoming a creator rather than just a consumer. Don't worry about missing the creator economy boat. The creator economy has been around since Adam and Eve.

When I realized I needed to choose something to create, I had to dig deep into my heart to discover the things that are most important to me.

One of the exercises to discover what is important to you is to create a love/hate list. You can create one column for things you love, and another column for things you hate. This list can give you clarity on what you value.

For example, when I created my love/hate list I became conscious of a very important quality. I hate unnecessary complexity and I can't stand ambiguous instructions. This made me realize that one of the things I do naturally when I tackle new subjects is try to bring order to the chaos. I look for the major ideas, and push the minutia to the side. Shockingly, some people can't distinguish major ideas from minor ideas. They combine them all together as one big blob of yuck. When you look at it, you think, oh my gosh this is very complicated. Truth is, people can make anything more complicated than it needs to be. If you can show me the big picture, the two or three major components, then I can intuitively seek the details on my own (and please make them easy to find).

If you don't know what to create, then the first thing you can create is a love-hate list. From this list you can come up with ideas that are in harmony with your loves and hates.

Ultimately, the goal is to create something of value for the people we want to serve in order to help them get what they want.

James Wilder

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